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Nine Lives: All Used Up?

Another blog post, and another animal-based film. “But wait, I haven’t even heard of this one, how did you find it!?!” I hear you ask. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly been a fan favourite for the critics – in fact, almost everywhere this film’s been panned. In cat terminology, this has used up 8 of its lives – the 9th being saved by audiences, who – when asked for their rating – gave it a B+ on a scale from A+ to F, which isn’t that bad at all. The critics’... Read More


On The Search Again…

It’s been thirteen long years, but finally… we have a sequel to one of the best Disney Pixar films: Finding Dory! Back in 2003, we were taken in to the sea with Finding Nemo, where our favourite clownfish is kidnapped, requiring his Dad Marlin and regal blue tang friend Dory to go and search for him. With growing courage and an acceptance of his son’s independence, the duo eventually find and save Nemo, bringing him back to live a normal life. Finding Dory, set one year after the previous film’s story, sees Ellen... Read More

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Another Blog To Pug You with Puns… And A New Design!

You might recall a little while ago we added a new cushion, Pugsy Malone. Well, you guys loved it so much that you wanted it on t-shirts – and who are we to disappoint? Now you can get them to wear! Based off the 1976 musical that featured all children, this parody features the coolest gangster pug you’ll ever see! Available as a t-shirt, women’s slim fit and in kids sizes as well – just like the film – this t-shirt is for everyone! You can find it here –... Read More


Birdline Parrot Rescue: AnimalsYeahYeah’s New Charity!

Parrots. Aren’t they just one of the most beautiful animals ever? These lovely birds can be found in many places, including the UK. In 1992, Birdline Parrot Rescue was formed – a charity to look after birds within the Warwickshire region. However, not long after starting, it became clear that expansion was going to be needed – simply for the amount of requests they received, and how many birds required attention. Nowadays, through a network connection, the charity can reach everywhere in the UK to help. With a group of... Read More


Hedgehog Bottom – A New Charity To Donate To!

As you’ll know by now if you’re a regular, we offer our customers the opportunity to donate to one of three animal charities of their choosing when at the checkout. By selecting one and adding it to your order, we donate £1 of your order to your selected charity on your behalf – it comes at no extra cost to you! Every so often, we shake things up a little bit to give other well-deserving charities the chance to benefit from your generosity – and now you can donate to... Read More


Crickey! New design in store for Steve Irwin fans!

Here at AnimalsYeahYeah, we love people that love animals. One man notorious for his love of animals and helping the world to understand them better was Steve Irwin, who we tragically lost in 2006. Probably best known for his work with crocodiles, he compared them to humans – and why he trusts them more: “Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first.” – Steve Irwin If you love this quote, then it’s our latest design in store!... Read More

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Fall for this Beaver!

While we’re not one to laugh at anyone’s misfortunes… Justin Bieber falling through a trap door is pretty danged funny! Last week during a concert, the Biebs didn’t quite keep an eye on where his footing was… and he ended up falling through a trap door on stage! Luckily he was perfectly fine, and continued on as normal – or, as Justin put it himself, in animal terminology: “I’m a cat. I got 9 lives. Lol” – @justinbieber on Twitter Clearly, our Canadian star needs something bright and stand-out to... Read More


Feelin’ Angry? See the Angry Birds Movie!

Last week, we discussed an upcoming film, “The Secret Life of Pets” which comes out later this month. If you can’t wait until then though, why not see the Angry Birds Movie – based on everyone’s favourite destruction game! Red, a grumpy, flightless bird, is sent to anger management class following the premature hatching of a customer’s egg. It’s during this time that green pigs, led by Leonard, visit from Piggy Island. Claiming to be peaceful explorers and offering friendship, they are accepted on to the island by the other... Read More


The Secret Life of Pets – Animated Film arrives June 24th!

Here’s a question that’s been bugging us ever since a similar one was asked from the first Toy Story film: What do our pets get up to when we’re away? We’re sure to get an answer from upcoming animated comedy The Secret Life of Pets, from the humans behind Despicable Me. Released June 24th in the UK and July 8th in the United States, a terrier called Max feels neglected when his owner brings in a new mongrel named Duke (a.k.a. Woody jealous of the arrival of a new toy called... Read More


An Amazing Happy Reunion for Eddie the Yorkshire Terrier

You might remember a few months ago we talked about Bella, a springer spaniel, who was taken from outside a shop in October 2015. Eventually she was found a few months later and re-united with her family. But imagine a situation like this where the gap between disappearing and being reunited was almost FIVE YEARS! A family from Stockport believed that Eddie, a Yorkshire terrier, was lost following a holiday to Manchester back in 2011. Despite putting up posters, alerting local vets and the police doing everything they possibly could,... Read More