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Another Blog To Pug You with Puns… And A New Design!

You might recall a little while ago we added a new cushion, Pugsy Malone. Well, you guys loved it so much that you wanted it on t-shirts – and who are we to disappoint? Now you can get them to wear! Based off the 1976 musical that featured all children, this parody features the coolest gangster pug you’ll ever see! Available as a t-shirt, women’s slim fit and in kids sizes as well – just like the film – this t-shirt is for everyone! You can find it here –... Read More


The Cat Gets Everything – New Design In Store!

So, we’ve discovered that many of our customers love cats. Lots. Whether they’re admitting to being normal three cats ago, listening to Fleetwood Cat or merely needing a cat placed on them… they love cats. Our new design probably shows just how much love cats get – “When I Die, The Cat Gets Everything!” Available as a t-shirt, slim fit, hoodie or sweatshirt and even a vintage wash t-shirt ,this is perfect for the ultimate cat lovers! Find it here and get yours today! Ashley Redman


Comfy Cushions, Plus A Brand New Design!

A while ago, we added cushions to our store – so your home could become all that more cuter! You’ve been wanting more though… and who are we to disappoint? We’ve taken more of your favourite designs and turned them in to cushions so you can spruce up the home! Here’s what’s new in store: Ask Me About My Cats Apocalypse Meow Unknown Pleasures Cats Star Paws I Was Normal Three Cats Ago PUGS (JAWS Parody) Pugs Not Drugs If My German Shepherd Doesn’t Like You… Quint’s Shark Fishing Tiger... Read More


You Can Go Your Own Way…

Two of the world’s greatest things in life are about to combine once again – animals and music! The latest addition to our animal parodies of classic albums comes from the legendary Fleetwood Cat and their Rumours album! Featuring tracks like Go Your Own Way, Dreams, The Chain and Don’t Stop, this album is one of the best selling in the world of all time with an excess of over 40 million copies sold. As great as it is… we needed to take it one step further. So we replaced... Read More


In The Dog House – But Not If You Get This New T-Shirt!

Introducing another new t-shirt, bound to bring a laugh – especially for the married couples! (Blokes, you might be getting this t-shirt as a gift for Christmas, spoiler alert…) In The Dog House – a hilarious cartoon style image which basically explains where you’re going to be sleeping tonight if you don’t let your significant other watch their favourite TV show! Looking to get your hands on it? It’s available in a t-shirt and – for the first time on our website – in a sweatshirt! Perfect in time for... Read More


Ta Da! Magical New Designs In Store…

Magic is in the air… and no, it’s not witchcraft – it’s new t-shirts and hoodies waiting for you in store! Get your top hat on and get ready to wow and amaze… just make sure there’s not already a rabbit living inside, because Ta Da! This cute little fella sits inside a top hat (which also makes the “T” of the text) with magic stars surrounding – perfect for those who love bunnies and magic! Available in t-shirt, slim fit and kids sizes. Meanwhile, out of the magician’s show... Read More


Comfy Cushions to Collect!

More new arrivals have made their way to our store – and if you’re looking to spruce up the house a little bit, why not do it with our new cushion range? Currently, four of your favourite designs from our fantastic range of t-shirts and hoodies have made their way on to our comfortable cushions – Don’t Test On Me, I Shih Tzu Not, Meow’s It Going and T-Rex E.T. – so if you love these why not get them today and make your living room stand out? After all,... Read More


Gettin’ T-Rext At The Weekend!

(Nah, be smart about it, folks – enjoy responsibly!) Like you, we’re pretty excited about it being Friday – it means feet up, relaxing for a few days… or for others, it means having fun with friends. With this T-Rex though… he’s an absolute party animal. Wild child, he is. He’s out every weekend, gettin’ T-Rext… still not entirely sure how his arms can even reach the bottle to his mouth, but we’ll guess he’s figured out a way to do it! This humorous design is available and new this... Read More


Meow The Force Be With You!

We know everyone that visits us love animals – that’s a given. But you’ll all have other interests that you love, and this one goes out to all the Star Wars fans! In 100 days, The Force Awakens when after ten years off the big screen, Star Wars Episode 7 arrives – so when you go to the cinemas in December, you’re going to need something to show off to everyone else – so why not double up with your love for animals and get the Star Paws t-shirt (or hoodie... Read More


Bee-by, Bee-by, Bee-by Ooo…

We love cute animals, but just like anyone else we love our music too. Naturally, we had to combine the two together to make a range of hilarious designs that everyone can enjoy, from the pop megastars of the industry to 80’s and 90’s rock stars and many more, there’s plenty to enjoy for all…   POP MEGASTARS Justin Beaver The kid’s like marmite – you either love him or hate him, but everyone knows who he is. But when your surname’s incredibly close to sounding like a dam-building machine... Read More